Medical Insurance Policy

Medical and hospital treatment in Canada is very expensive. For example, a visit to the doctor can cost $100.00CAD and hospital costs can range from $1,000.00CAD for an out-patient visit to $4,000.00CAD per day for in-patient charges.

Students studying at RELA who are not covered by a Canadian federal or provincial Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) must purchase medical insurance through RELA for the duration of their study period. Medical coverage is mandatory unless the student can demonstrate they already hold valid adequate* medical insurance.

Eligible students (international students, Canadian citizens and permanent resident not covered by GHIP) under the age of 65, can purchase coverage either:

a) Prior to arrival to Canada – Students can purchase coverage before leaving their country of origin. Coverage will commence on the date the student departs from their home country. The student will be covered during transit to Canada (maximum of 7 days) and for the duration of their study period at RELA, or

b) Upon arrival to the Academy – Students can purchase coverage on the day the student arrives and registers at RELA. Coverage will commence on the date of registration for the duration of study. No coverage during transit to Canada.

Eligible students have the option of purchasing medical insurance for eligible dependent(s) who accompany the student to Canada. We highly recommend medical coverage be secured for accompanying eligible dependent(s).

Complete policy details (eligibility, limits and exclusions) are available online at under the Medical Insurance section. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact our Administration Office:

  • via email at [email protected], or
  • in person: 3rd floor, Room 301
  • Students who have already purchased their own adequate medical insurance or who are covered under a Scholarship Plan will be exempt from paying the required medical insurance fees provided they:
  • show proof of health coverage (a photocopy of their insurance certificate card) along with either a policy description in English outlining covered items and maximums or a letter from their scholarship sponsor confirming coverage is in place, and
  • complete and sign the Student Health Insurance Waiver Form.

*Definition of adequate medical insurance: A medical insurance policy which includes coverage for hospital, medical and repatriation services and has a minimum annual maximum of $1,000,000.00CAD.

Consequences of not having or refusing to purchase medical insurance

Students will not be permitted to class without medical insurance.