Customized English Programs

Private English Language Acquisition (PELA), every PELA tailored program has one primary objective: to develop and meet the specific English language needs of an individual, organization or social group. We will work closely with you to design and develop a program which addresses your unique objectives. Our professional, certified TESL language instructors will consider every aspect when creating your personalized curriculum; from learning materials, classroom activities, web-based exercises, projects, presentations and sociocultural events.

Customized Program Inquiries

Below are a sample of PELA frameworks you may wish to consider or we will build one specific for your needs:

One to One Language Training (1-2-1): A dedicated language instructor per student. Diagnostic assessment tests are conducted on all four skill areas. Based on the student’s test results, personalized lesson plans and activities are developed targeting the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The student will be engaged in intensive practice using motivational material relevant to the student’s needs and interests.

Business English Training (BET): A program which focuses on practicing speaking, listening, reading and writing in a business context. Acquire the essential skills and confidence necessary to communicate effectively to a business audience in person, online and over the phone. A customized curriculum covering topics specific to your mission, employment, and profession. Build on your industry-specific English vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, learn the skills of effective business writing, marketing, resume writing, job interview techniques, organizing and delivering effective presentations. Learn about Canadian business etiquette. Develop the crucial skills needed to function effectively in an English business environment.

Women of Ottawa Motivational English Network (WOMEN): An ideal program for women’s groups, friends, newly arrived expatriates who are interested in learning the English language and expanding their knowledge of Canadian Culture. A fun motivational program that involves socio-cultural activities that are of interest to you. Learn and improve English language skills by sharing personal experiences, exploring Ottawa and our cultural differences. Bond, be inspired and build new friendships.

Learn English as A Family (LEAF): A perfect program for expatriate families and other newcomers to Canada who desire to learn English together as a family and gain knowledge of Canadian Culture. Learn and practice English together while enjoying socio-cultural activities that encourage sharing of cultural differences. Explore and become acquainted with Ottawa and the surrounding area. Create a program that the whole extended family (spouses, siblings, parents, cousins and children) will enjoy and learn from. This program is open to children (aged 8 to 17) when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Program Start Dates, Duration and Fees: Program start dates, duration and fees will be mutually agreed upon based on frequency of classes, duration and requested activities.

Custom programs to help improve your proficiency and ease your integration into the community.